Repartitioning after adding an additional disk

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    I have a PowerEdge server with a Perc controller and 4 x 1Tb disks in a RAID5, Plus a hot spare.

    Proxmox 5.3-1 all up set and running.

    However I now need to add an additional 1Tb disk to the RAID.

    From the Perc side of things that's all done. The Raid5 volume now has the 5 disks and the capacity of the raid volume is correct.

    What do I need to do inside proxmox either at GUI or SSH level so proxmox can see the additional space?

    When I do a pvdisplay on the server, I can see the following :
    1. pv name /dev/sda3 (This is the one and only Raid array, as expected)

    When I do a lvdisplay on the server, I can see the following :
    1. lv name swap, lv path /dev/pve/swap
    2. lv name root, lv path /dev/pve/root
    3. lv name data
    4. ln name pve, lv path vm-100-disk-0
    5. ln name pve, lv path vm-100-disk-1
    6. ln name pve, lv path vm-101-disk-0
    7. ln name pve, lv path vm-101-disk-1

    All in the vggroup called pve. The LV size is still showing the original size and not the new size, so I obviously need to do something, but what?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    This seems like a basic LVM question. In case you do not understand how to do what I described below, please google it.

    I would:
    - create another (PV) partition on now bigger RAID device (sda),
    - add that partition to VG,
    - increase LV where I need the space.
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