Reboot Server by itself


Apr 14, 2022
When checking syslog I saw this

Jul 08 18:40:58 Exner-service sshd[875777]: error: kex_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

Jul 08 18:40:58 Exner-service sshd[875777]: Connection closed by port 65105
-- Reboot --

Jul 08 19:06:25 Exner-service kernel: Linux version 5.15.108-1-pve (build@proxmox) (gcc (Debian 10.2.1-6) 10.2.1 20210110, GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Debian) 2.35.2) #1 SMP PVE 5.15.108-1 (2023-06-17T09:41Z) ()
Jul 08 19:06:25 Exner-service kernel: Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-5.15.108-1-pve root=UUID=9f5bcdaf-42a7-4a69-abb5-a7b6da6fd9b5 ro nomodeset iommu=pt console=tty0 console=ttyS1,115200n8 quiet
Jul 08 19:06:25 Exner-service kernel: KERNEL supported cpus:

What does this mean guys so far the server has been reboot 6 times unable to understand what is happening please anyone can help me
The -- Reboot -- is shown because the log viewer detects that the system was started again. It could also be a stop and start later.
It does not look like Proxmox shuts down gracefully. Maybe it's a hardware failure, too high temperature or power interruption? Does the system take 26 minute to POST or did the power grid fail for almost half an hour? Or did someone go to the server after noticing it was off and press the power button?
There are more threads on this forum about unexpected reboots, and it's usually a hardware issue and not something you can fix by configuring Proxmox.


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