[SOLVED] qrencode is broken in proxmox kvm/qemu vnc console

This may be an encoding problem. It looks like UTF-8 characters, so that may be the culprit.

EDIT: Just run it and it works perfectly, yet I'm using an utf8 characterset, configured in my Linux environment. Maybe you have just plain C or US stuff, that is generally unable do anything utf8?

EDIT2: If your machine is Debian-based, try dpkg-reconfigure console-setup. The first question is about UTF8.
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>EDIT2: If your machine is Debian-based, try dpkg-reconfigure console-setup. The first question is about UTF8.

in /etc/default/console-setup i have


the qemu/proxmox console prints wrong

if i do :

# echo "e29684" | xxd -p -r

in a linux terminal (iterm in osx), it prints this:


which is correct

in qemu/proxmox console it prints a different (wrong) char :


in online utf converter there is also printed the same as in iterm :

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the qemu/proxmox console prints wrong
No, it's your linux console. Every time you use a gui console like iTerm, the characters are rendered in your guest with your guest font, which can display UTF8 characters, the linux console, or more general, the used fonts are not made for this. They only have some special characters, not all of them. It's a console and not your favorite chat tool. If you change your running terminal, e.g. to fbterm, it will use "real" fonts (the ones you're constomed to) and will display utf8 correctly:

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you're right, i didn't know that linux console is not capable of utf8, thanks for explaining.

did not know about fbterm, too.

nice to learn , thank you !
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