Q: ISO installer for 'edge-kernel' proxmox available?


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Jun 4, 2008
Hi everyone, I am trying to debug a problem and hoping for a gentle kick in correct direction

I'm trying to figure out if there is a pre-cooked proxmox installer ISO that can be downloaded
which has "Edge Proxmox Kernel" present in the installer media

I ask because
- I've got a dell r815
- with a Perc200 and then now a Perc700 HBA/raid card
- these cards use mpt3.sas and it appears there is some known problem with mpt3.sas that makes life difficult (ie, cards don't work due to problem in ~recent driver update that breaks things in some scenarios including what I'm attempting).
- there is a workaround many people have used, adding a flag to boot time parameters for the kernel, mpt3sas.max_queue_depth=8000
- but this does not seem to help my problem, I still have non-active HBA and cannot install proxmox.
- I did a sanity check, booted system using an ancient Linux "SystemRescueCD" boot image with old mpt drivers and it boots fine and my raid mirror volume is visible. So I am pretty certain my hardware is fine, the driver on newer platform is making my life more exciting here.
- I've found discussion in forum that adding an 'edge kernel' to proxmox makes the problem not a problem. But those discussions seem focused on scenario of having proxmox installed and working (ie, on different raid / HBA / controller/disks) and the LSI/Perc card being used for non-boot storage // and then adding edge kernel to a mostly-working proxmox install to get mpt sas working for the add-in storage.
- I can't see how to prep an installer ISO for proxmox with the custom edge kernel. I get the feeling maybe they live hidden in a download location managed by ?Fabian? but not so far easy to track down where-how to get such a thing. So I'm asking in case this is an OK thing to download / if anyone can give me pointer for such.

thank you!

great suggestion..

..yes..., I tried a few different installer scenarios and they had same core problem it seemed, ie,

-Debian.9 minimal net install media
-proxmox.4 based on debian8
and I could not get it to detect the disk.
-then boot with my 10year old sysrescue"cd" USB key and it was dandy.


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