pve-zsync for VM with multiple disks over multiple storages, seems not to work?


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Mar 14, 2012
Should pve-zsync work for LXC VMs where VM has multiple disks across multiple storages?

I'm in a process of migrating some LXCs and just noticed that there are some disks missing on destination.

*/15 * * * * root pve-zsync sync --source 102 --dest XXX:hddpool/viri --name vm102 --maxsnap 2 --limit 50000 --method ssh --source-user root --dest-user root

102                      vm102                    ok        2019-03-01_12:45:01 lxc   ssh

Disks on source:
hddpool/subvol-102-disk-0                                   1.50T   461G  1.50T  /hddpool/subvol-102-disk-0
hddpool/subvol-102-disk-1                                   62.0G   138G  62.0G  /hddpool/subvol-102-disk-1
rpool/data/subvol-102-disk-0                                5.16G  44.9G  5.15G  /rpool/data/subvol-102-disk-0
rpool/data/subvol-102-disk-0@rep_vm102_2019-03-01_12:45:01  9.41M      -  5.15G  -

Disks on dest:
hddpool/viri/subvol-102-disk-0                                5.15G  6.96T  5.15G  /hddpool/viri/subvol-102-disk-0
hddpool/viri/subvol-102-disk-0@rep_vm102_2019-03-01_12:45:01   328K      -  5.15G  -

Relevant part of VM config.
mp0: hddpool:subvol-102-disk-0,mp=/home/ubuntu/XXX2,size=2000G
mp1: hddpool:subvol-102-disk-1,mp=/home/ubuntu/XXX2,size=200G
rootfs: local-zfs:subvol-102-disk-0,size=50G
Hmm.. why I couldn't sync both datasets and zvol sequentially, then shut down the LXC and sync the differences and start it in on the other side?
I guess I will have to manually sync the zfs datasets and use pve-zsync only for zvol to see why it would not work.


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