PVE not taking/processing Update VM Command


Oct 25, 2018
Miami, FL
Hello Everyone !

I got a good one here.

I have a GUI site my users to create VM and we use the promox API to send the commands to promox.

I been testing our new GUI and i created 10 exact VM's for testing from our GUI and out of the 10 only 3 where set right.

Many where missing SSH keys and IP detials and this issue is random.

In my Promox Cluster Logs i can see the the command being sent perfect but the VM is not being updated with the proper detials.

Here is the command from the Cluster logs.

{"uid": 121, "time": 1543613028, "pri": 6, "tag": "pvedaemon", "pid": 14512, "node": "he-s02-r01-pve01", "user": "root@pam", "msg": "update VM 9018: -agent 1 -cores 1 -cpu kvm64 -ide2 VPS-MAIN-STOR1_vm:cloudinit,format=raw -ipconfig0 ip=,gw= -memory 1024 -name test3 -net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0,rate=1000 -serial0 socket -sockets 1 -sshkeys ssh-rsa%20AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAhnj2NRLjfMpn%2BMo8ibdhGylZhCCNQcEYFYuPwEva0PaEtf8y%2FVyPATJjQnuFFy9OrvWMIJbDGEpNMSR2kloY%2BeD8Fc4rhXgMQZy9he4GoTE8SjmjtUyWrdH51KLXK1B%2F4vjsDkUPtBhIY82u3Q9R%2BbSY%2BtU51LVduHXQCqCY%2BPWyYHT3ycoPBODN8QluLJYyvy5mKgBsbhFtdAoUvczubt6n948Cl%2Bggkhz1l63C4pJuqBIxiYiW9wy7GNe5nHS1ACkLyNRV4UKcsLzi5OFYe06sDTonQ6DE30EhAAjUhdjkgOjE3aG9UIzlon60SiQ2wE2i3Y6zzAmADxd2OGz5EQ%3D%3D%20rsa-key-20181139 -vga serial0"},

As you can see everything is there. And the command is the same for the other 10 VM's "minus IP ,VM-ID etc which are different"

The missing SSH-Keys and IP data is random i created 20 more VM's from my gui and some where perfect and other where missing SSH keys and IP some had IP but no SSH Key.

I am lost on this one but its important i figure out the issue.

Thanks a bunch
can you post such a log and the resulting vm config (/etc/pve/qemu-server/ID.conf) for a working and a non-working vm ?


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