[SOLVED] PVE installed (Dual LAN) in Subnet - How to connect to Mainnet?


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Nov 6, 2023
Hello everyone,

I have a server with 2 LAN ports. The first is connected to my subnet router (192.168.188.x) and the second is connected to my mainnet router (192.168.178.x).

My goal is to create in PVE VMs which are configured in sub- or in the mainnet.

After installation it looks like expected. The vmbr0 is connected with enp2s0 and I can see the other enp3s0 (which should be LAN Port 2)
Screenshot 2023-11-07 135735.png

Now I want to create the connection for the mainnet, which does not work atm.

Create new Linux bridge (vmbr1) and set as Bridge port enp3s0 with Gateway leads to following error message:
Parameter verification failed. (400)
gateway: Default gateway already exists on interface 'vmbr0'.

Screenshot 2023-11-07 142544.png

But vmbr0 is configured with another gateway,

What am I doing wrong, what am I overlooking? Is my approach wrong and should I do it differently?

Thanks folks!
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The gateway that you are setting here is for proxmox, so that it knows where to route packages outside of your network.
Since there is usually just one default gateway, you can only set one.

The vms can have a different gateway, i.e. if they are in the subnet,
During creation of a new VM the dialog offers me only the option for the vmbr0 bridge.

But I want to create it in the other network (192.168.178.x)
Just to make sure, you have now created vmbr1, with enp3s0 as bridge port and without an ip an gateway and it shows up in the network settings of your node, but you can't assign at to your vm?
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Well done, I think that was exactly what I was looking for.

I created vmbr1 and just set the bridge port to enp3s0. I then created a test ubuntu VM using this vmbr1 network. The VM is now created on the mainnet and is visible in the routers network interface (


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