PVE answers to VM ssh connection [EDITED]


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Aug 31, 2023
EDIT: I think it's probably because pve uses all IPs for the webUI. How can I force it to use only wmbr0?

I've got an ethernet card on my server with two ports and one on the mobo
Two VMs and one interface for Proxmox webUI -> webUI -> VM -> VM

When I try to login into the VMs through ssh password method, at first everything is normal,
but after a while I don't know why it is the pve who answers

The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established. ED25519 key fingerprint is SHA256:<sha-code>. This host key is known by the following other names/addresses: ~/.ssh/known_hosts:4:
And then gives me Permission denied obviously

I've already made linux bridges
This is the content of /etc/network/interfaces on pve
auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp4s0 inet manual iface enp5s0f0 inet manual iface enp5s0f1 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address gateway bridge-ports enp4s0 bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 iface wlo1 inet manual auto vmbr1 iface vmbr1 inet static address bridge-ports enp5s0f0 bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 #server-if auto vmbr2 iface vmbr2 inet static address bridge-ports enp5s0f1 bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 #storage-if


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You only need one bridge (vmbr0) in the network Do not add a bridge for each VM and configure the VM's IP address on the bridge. Just attach the VMs to the bridge vmbr0. Then the VM has a layer 2 connection to the network and is able to use an IP from the network.

If you want to utilize all three Ethernet NICs for your traffic you have to create a bonding interface. For that to work best in LACP mode (802.3ad) you need to also configure the switch where the cables go. The bonding interface bond0 is then the bridge-port of vmbr0.
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