Prune in proxmox backup server & windows server crash


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Mar 11, 2023
Are any of you experiencing windows server resets or raid crashes in proxmox? I've noticed that after the recent proxmox updates (although I'm not sure if that's related, in the sense of updates), the WS2022 crashes and gives the error The driver \DriverWudfRd failed to load for the device ROOT\PORTS.
The problem occurs when a backup from proxmox --> proxmox backup server goes.
Proxmox is version 7.4-15, PBS 3.0-1
I don't know how to fix it except disabling backups .

My second question is about prune in proxmox backup server:

- copies up to 7 days back
- at 2:00 am I make a backup every day
- at 3:00 am prune is done

In that case, the oldest copy is deleted, after the incremental copy is made. Will I then not restore such a backup?
I still have a problem with proxmox, when I backup WS2022 with fs-freeze - it can reboot or crash the system. According to the logs, the software is not responding. OK logical, I kicked out fs-freeze, but now when backing up to PBS, the backup just stalls and the system crashes.

According to the log it looks like this:
INFO: running a new backup job: vzdump --mode snapshot --all 1 --notes-template '{{cluster}}, {{guestname}}, {{node}}, {{vmid}}' --mailto --quiet 1 --storage pbs --mailnotification failure
INFO: Start backup of virtual machine 100 (qemu)
INFO: Backup started at 2023-07-16 03:00:04
INFO: status = running
INFO: VM Name:
INFO: attach disk 'virtio0' 'master:vm-100-disk-0' 300G
INFO: backup mode: snapshot
INFO: ionization priority: 7
INFO: create Proxmox backup server archive 'vm/100/2023-07-16T01:00:04Z'
INFO: skip guest-agent 'fs-freeze', disabled in virtual machine options
INFO: backup task '769b5468-3fb2-46fa-ba30-0d592555f7fa' started
INFO: resuming virtual machine operation
INFO: virtio0: dirty bitmap status: new one created
INFO: 0% (188.0 MiB of 300.0 GiB) in 3s, read: 62.7 MiB/s, write: 44.0 MB/s
INFO: 1% (3.0 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 20m 28s, read: 129.7 KiB/s, write: 129.7 KiB/s
INFO: 2% (6.0 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 23m 6s, read: 19.4 MiB/s, write: 19.4 MB/s
INFO: 3% (9.0 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 26m 37s, read: 14.6 MiB/s, write: 14.4 MB/s
INFO: 4% (12.0 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 31m 23s, read: 10.8 MiB/s, write: 10.8 MB/s
INFO: 5% (15.0 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 33m 14s, read: 27.6 MiB/s, write: 26.1 MB/s
INFO: 6% (18.0 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 36m 57s, read: 13.8 MiB/s, write: 13.6 MB/s
INFO: 7% (21.0 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 37m 59s, read: 49.5 MiB/s, write: 49.5 MB/s
INFO: 8% (24.0 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 39m 40s, read: 30.5 MiB/s, write: 30.5 MB/s
INFO: 9% (27.0 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 42m 15s, read: 19.8 MiB/s, write: 19.7 MB/s
INFO: 10% (30.0 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 44m 4s, read: 28.1 MiB/s, write: 28.1 MB/s
INFO: 11% (33.1 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 45m 29s, read: 36.9 MiB/s, write: 36.8 MB/s
INFO: 12% (36.1 GiB of 300.0 GiB) in 6h 46m 50s, read: 37.8 MiB/s, write: 36.9 MB/s
ERROR: interrupted by signal
INFO: backup task interrupted
INFO: resuming virtual machine operation
ERROR: VM backup 100 failed - interrupted by signal
INFO: failed at 2023-07-16 09:47:30
ERROR: Backup task failed - aborted by signal
ERROR TASK: aborted by signal

The other server, the same VM but disabled on these settings is backing up without any problem. Do you have any ideas how to solve this?
Proxmox 8.0.4 still has the same problem, if I turn off even the fs-freeze parameter every now and then the machine reboots. Maybe it's an issue with the last machine and incremental copies, when the last one deletes and a full backup is done from scratch? Hard to say, on the other server with proxmox and VM WS 2022 is the same. But if the system is off, nothing bad happens through the backup.


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