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May 18, 2019
Hey, I'm wondering if there is any way to route all requests (such as routing web traffic AND hosting a web server) through another server. This server has a static, dedicated IP and is relatively cheap, so I'd like to utilize it to give public IPs to my VMs. I can run anything on the proxy server, but I'd like to have the proxy route requests outside of the VM transparently. If anything like this is possible, please let me know.
Could you elaborate further, e.g. some use cases.

In general, you can always use an ingress router like traefik or use the more general approach via Apache and Nginx.
I basically want to proxy all requests through a proxy server (this server only has one client connected) that will not only allow the client to make connections normally (ex. browsing the web), but also forwards ports to the client. For example, say the proxy server's IP is and the client has a web server running on port 80. If I go to in my web browser, I should be able to see whatever is on the client's web server. I need more than just HTTP though. Any port opened on the client should be accessible through the proxy's IP.
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Okay, traefik only works for HTTP(s), so it may not solve your problems.

If you have only one backend and one frontend IP, you could just DNAT all ports directly, but you will not have a proxy daemon then.
Hey, I kind of found an answer to this. SSH tunneling lets you proxy all requests, as well as forwarding ports. All i have to do is find out how to tunnel for a specific network device (or find another way to make it work).
Installing psSense let me run "ssh -fnN -R3389: root@(aws server's ip)" to be able to RDP to my Windows Server (running on from my aws ip. is my virtual router. This setup seems to work perfectly and hopefully I can get a proxy working for a specific IP.
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