Proxmox with local-lvm disk full


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Jun 16, 2023
I have a server with Proxmox, with a 1TB SSD virtualizing a Windows Server, a pfSense firewall and two Windows machines. And overnight my local-lvm disk filled up by itself getting to 100% and the storage before was half full. I've already checked all the VMs and none are taking up as much space as the local-lvm disk indicates.
I already ran the TRIM command, I already set the TRIM timer to be every hour and the problem still persists.
Running the LVS command in the shell, it says for example that the VM-100 (pfSense firewall) is occupying 82%, but it is well below that. And it's like that with the other VMs too.
How could I be solving this problem of disk-lvm using almost all the storage?


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please post using CODE tags:
pveversion -v
qm config [vmid]
confirm that your disks have discard=on.

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Attached are the requested commands.
Only two VMs have discard=on and another two don't have discard enabled.


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For trim to work, discard needs to be on: disk image.-,Trim/Discard,-If your storage
If your storage supports thin provisioning (see the storage chapter in the Proxmox VE guide), you can activate the Discard option on a drive. 
With Discard set and a TRIM-enabled guest OS [3], when the VM’s filesystem marks blocks as unused after deleting files, the controller will 
relay this information to the storage, which will then shrink the disk image accordingly. For the guest to be able to issue TRIM commands, you 
must enable the Discard option on the drive. Some guest operating systems may also require the SSD Emulation flag to be set. Note that 
Discard on VirtIO Block drives is only supported on guests using Linux Kernel 5.0 or higher.

Additional reading:
Make sure you follow all steps.

Its possible there is something else going on. Do you happen to have snapshots?

PS its much easier to read your data if you post it as text using CODE tags. You can use SSH to get plain text.

Blockbridge : Ultra low latency all-NVME shared storage for Proxmox -
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I enabled discard=on all my VMs.
In the additional reading that you gave me, it tells me to access the vm through the shell and execute a trim command.
How do I do that ?
vm-170 $# fstrim --fstab --verbose

For now I don't have snapshots of my VMs


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