Proxmox with Intel big little cpu running Opnsense?


Jan 19, 2023
I don't really know where to put this question. I guess it's part Proxmox, part Opnsense question or maybe it's just a general Linux question..

I have gotten a frankenstein motherboard with a i5-12500H mobile cpu. Planning to run opnsense in a vm in proxmox 7.4 with 6.2 kernel.
From my understanding there should be better support in 6.2 kernel for big little Intel cpu's..

My question is on single core performance. If I give all cores to Opnsense will Linux kernel schedule heavy load to the P-Cores? For example when filtering a 10gigabit network stream. Or will it just be random if an E or P core will be used?
------------------------------ i5 details -----------------------------------
Anzahl der Kerne

Anzahl der Performance-cores


Anzahl der Efficient-cores


Anzahl der Threads


-------------------------- opnsense requirements -------------------------------

The minimum specification to run all OPNsense standard features that donot need disk writes, means you can run all standard features, exceptfor the ones that require disk writes, e.g. a caching proxy (cache) or intrusion detectionand prevention (alert database).

Processor1 GHz dual core cpu
Install methodSerial console or video (vga)
Install targetSD or CF card with a minimum of 4 GB, use nano images for installation.

Table: Minimum hardware requirements


The reasonable specification to run all OPNsense standard features,means every feature is functional, but perhaps not with a lot of usersor high loads.

Processor1 GHz dual core cpu
Install methodSerial console or video (vga)
Install target40 GB SSD, a minimum of 2 GB memory is needed for the installer to run.

Table: Reasonable hardware requirements


The recommended specification to run all OPNsense standard features,means every feature is functional and fits most use cases.

Processor1.5 GHz multi core cpu
Install methodSerial console or video (vga)
Install target120 GB SSD

Table: Recommended hardware requirements

to begin with: it doesnt make sense to add all CPU to opnsense
the use of CPU is random
you can read here more
there is a good explaination (we dont need to repeat
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That thread did not answer my question. My question is not about threads it's about P and E cores and how load is distributed to which type of core.

opnsense requirements are usually not specified for throughput with filter rules so they are of no use..

From my understanding Intel had improved the scheduler in 6.2 kernel to put correct load between P/E cores but you say for VM's it does not matter it will always be random?

Ofc. I could always pin the P-cores but then E cores will never be used.
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