Proxmox VE as NTP Server

Yuniel Leal Yanes

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May 18, 2018
I want make my Proxmox VE Server act as NTP Server for my LAN machines.

I'm read a lot in this forum about NTP, my Proxmox VE time is sync, but I need configure all my computers on LAN (no internet access) to use Proxmox VE as NTP Server.

Any help?
You can run an NTP server in almost any OS in a VM or in a Linux Container and the instructions to do so would be generic.

Here is one option:
You could potentially run this directly on the hardware node, I suppose. But personally I do not like to have any machines connecting directly to the hardware node other than authorised IPs to the GUI.

Instead you should use a Container or a VM. E.g. here is a Centos version of the above:
Let me explain a little...

I read (and know) that Proxmox VE include NTP Client (not server) installed and work fine to me, I'm create a debian 9 container to install NTP Server, but there is a problem with that:

Apr 11 08:58:00 ns1 ntpd[482]: start_kern_loop: ntp_loopfilter.c line 1119: ntp_adjtime: Operation not permitted
Apr 11 08:58:00 ns1 ntpd[482]: set_freq: ntp_loopfilter.c line 1082: ntp_adjtime: Operation not permitted

NTP Problem 01.jpg

I'm search and found that there is a problem with a containers because they get a time from host and can't have the posibility to change hardware time (or something like that) one of the links In my environment, I don't wan't the container get and change time, just I need it work as NTP Server for my LAN machines, to sync time from internet servers the Proxmox VE are the responsible.
The solution to make a container work without this error is difficult to me and I think that this bring with it troubles.
That's why I have make this question "Proxmox VE as NTP Server"
Nevertheless, if anyone have an easy solution for my problem, I prefer use a container as NTP Server than have to use my Proxmox VE to that.

If have any way to uninstall NTP client and install NTP server on Proxmox VE, I want to know the right way to do that (maybe that is simple, just uninstall somethingo_O and install ntp).


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