Proxmox VE 5.0 beta2 released!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by martin, May 23, 2017.

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    We are proud to announce the release of the second beta of our Proxmox VE 5.x family. Based on the feedback from the first beta two months ago we improved a lot on the ISO installer and of course, on almost all other places.

    Whats next?
    In the coming weeks we will integrate step by step new features into the beta, and we will fix all release critical bugs.


    Alternate ISO download:


    Source code

    Q: Can I upgrade a current beta installation to the stable 5.0 release via apt?
    A: Yes, upgrading from beta to stable installation will be possible via apt.

    Q: Can I upgrade a current beta installation to latest beta via apt?
    A: Yes, upgrading from beta is possible via apt, see Update_a_running_Proxmox_Virtual_Environment_5.x_beta_to_latest_5.x_beta

    Q: Which repository can i use for Proxmox VE 5.0 beta?
    A: deb stretch pvetest

    Q: Can I install Proxmox VE 5.0 beta on top of Debian Stretch?
    A: Yes, see Install Proxmox V on Debian_Stretch

    Q: Can I dist-upgrade Proxmox VE 4.4 to 5.0 beta with apt dist-upgrade?
    A: Yes, you can. See Upgrade_from_4.x_to_5.0

    Q: When do you expect the stable Proxmox VE release?
    A: The final Proxmox VE 5.0 will be available as soon as Debian Stretch is stable, and all release critical bugs are fixed (May 2017 or later).

    Q: Where can I get more information about feature updates?
    A: Check our roadmap, forum, mailing list and subscribe to our newsletter.

    Please help us reaching the final release date by testing this beta and by providing feedback.

    A big Thank-you to our active community for all feedback, testing, bug reporting and patch submissions.

    Best regards,

    Martin Maurer
    Proxmox VE project leader
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