Proxmox test drive failure in a mirror array

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    Hi again (I hope at some point I get an answer/thought to issues I m dealing with. Until now almost no answers - its like I have so pro-requests, or none here is eager to help because of my sooo roockie questions). Anyway here I go again:
    I tried for testing purposes and before I switch on the proxmox machine remove one of the 2 mirror drives of my array ( created with zfs commands in cli mode). Thing is, proxmox booted ok, I was able to log in to the gui (ok expected) but no message anywhere that one of the drives is missing or faulty.
    I ssh-ed to cli and there by typing zpool status I was able to see that the pool was deprecated because of the drive missing. Shoudn't promox gui give me a warning about that? Let's say it shoudln't and I buy another drive to replace the faulty one, put it inside and fire up the machine. What should I do for the new drive to be rebuilted (to start the rebuild process I mean).

    Thank you

    PS One mistake of mine was to create the mirror pool not by drive ids. I got lucky though since when I disconnected the 1tb sdb drive that naming went to the usb stick after next reboot and I was pretty sure that it will mess everything up since the rebuild process thought to be automatically and it would try to mirror a 1tb disk with 32gb usb stick (having now the name sdb which previously had the 1tb failrure disk) and would corrupt OS. Weird thing is when I re inserted the HDD sdb back it recognised as sdb again and usb stick as usb3 normally
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