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Nov 20, 2022
Hi everyone,

I want to reinstall my whole proxmox server. I tested everything but I want to do a clean install and do everything right from the beginning.

I have not very much knowledge, that's the reason why I ask for your help.

My hardware:
- Dell Poweredge R710 with h200 raid controller
Possible drives:
- 4x 4TB hdd
- 1x 1TB ssd
- 2x 500GB ssd

What I want to do with my server:
- Windows vm
- Home assistant
- Docker
- Webserver
- maybe a Nas

What would be the best storage setup? I read a lot about zfs but I don't have experience with it. A lot op people recommend to split proxmox, vm drives, other storage. But I have not enough knowledge to get how I have to manage all of it.
HDDs are terribly slow when it comes to small/random IO. So they are best used as a cold storage to store some videos, backups or whatever. Best usecase would be for a NAS.
For your actual VM/LXC storage you usually want SSDs.
While it might come handy to have a dedicated disk for the PVE system this isn't really required.

First you should ask yourself how much you care about your data and how important it is to your if you can't use your server for one or two weeks. Or if you are willing to install and setup everthing again from scratch in case a disk fails. And if you care about data integrity. And check if the HDD models are using CMR or SMR. And if the SSDs got a power-loss protection or not and what type of NAND hey are using (QLC, TLC, ...).

I would highly recommend to mirror/raid5 everything and to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule. But my guess would be that you are not willing to sacrifice 75% of your storage for redundancy and backups.
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