Proxmox/Opnsense/PCI Device w/PCI-Express - reboots take down PM node


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Oct 18, 2023
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Howdy and good morning/afternoon/evening/night,

Long time a listener, first-time caller. I've been using ProxMox in a dev/play environment in my home lab for about two years, and I love it. I've encountered an issue I've seen noted a few times but not answered. Please forgive me if my searching skills are lacking; I thought I was pretty comprehensive.

Long story short/TL;DR, Everything works fine; I get good throughput using `opnsense` virtualized as I'm using PCI Passthrough. It will run for weeks without any issues. The problem comes in when I reboot my `opnsense` VM. All the network ports, PCI Passthrough or otherwise, on my ProxMox node become 100% unresponsive until it comes back up, even the ports not being used by the `opnsense` VM. Additionally, and most concerning, the network becomes unresponsive forever if I shut down the VM. This is a headless machine, so I have taken the drastic step of power cycling to fix it. Here is my setup:
  1. ProxMox, single host, as I mentioned, in a dev/play environment
  2. Qotom brand 6 ethernet port fanless micro PC with i5-7200U, 32GB of memory, and some storage. One of these: 1697653079845.png
  3. I have 3 VMs and two LXC containers on here, mostly my firewall/routing/pihole/Sensu monitoring setup and a Minecraft server for the kiddos.
  4. Opnsense is using physical ports 1-3
    1. WAN
    2. LAN
    3. IOT (Because, in the immortal words of `The Offspring,` "You gotta keep'em separated." And I prefer physical segmentation over VLANs)
  5. Other ports in use:
    1. 4 is in PCI Passthrough mode with identical configuration as the `opnsense` ports, but this VM is Linux. If I reboot this VM, there is no issue.
    2. 6 is a Linux Bridge with most of the VMs and how I get to the web interface for ProxMox.
  6. Physical ports 2, 4, and 6 are all plugged into my switch.
  7. Here is the config for the opnsense VM:1697653581435.png
  8. Each of the PCI Passthrough devices, for physical ports 1-3, are represented here as hostpci0-hostpci3, and all have a config similar to this:1697653744715.png
  9. Physical port 6, where most of my other VMs are getting to the network, is a Linux Bridge. This becomes important when I describe my testing. Here's its config: 1697654438502.png
In my testing, I'll reboot my `opnsense` VM after starting a constant ping to the PM node IP, every VM on the node, including the dedicated port for the Linux server with its own PCI Passthrough NIC, the `opnsense` VM, and outside the network to At this point, I lose the ability to communicate to any physical network port during the duration of the reboot of the `opnsense` VM until it's back up.

I am at a loss; I've tried to go through documentation and this forum and haven't found a solution. I suspect I may have missed something basic or have a misunderstanding of one of the configuration items I've set, and I'd very much appreciate it if someone would help, or point out the issue I've created for myself.

Much appreciated!

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Hey Y'all,

I never received a response on this and never found a solution. I ended up installing OPNsense on this hardware as a bare metal install. Of course, it works fine. I guess there is a bug in here, but I'm uncertain how best to add that as a bug now that I've redeployed it as bare metal.

The other workloads I had intended for this host have been moved to other hosts, as I needed to complete this testing involving OPNsense and move on. If I get motivated, I may try to recreate this issue and put in a bug.

If anyone has any questions, feedback, or solutions for the future, I will welcome them.


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