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Aug 5, 2019

I have installed proxmox on premises and able to provision VM and provide networking with NAT.

KVM 10.03.4 (public) <--> NAT ( <--> VM (

Like this and with port forwaring i am able to access vm.

What i need is one static ip per vm so my question is how i can apply different static ip to each vm?
Any thoughts?


Thanks for prompt reply. I have looked at it previously.

As epxlained my current setup is using NAT, since Azure allows only 2 physical Nics per instance

NIC 1 ---> --> ETH 1 --> VMBR0 (NAT) --> VM ( PRIVATE)
NIC 2 ---> --> ETH 2 --> VMBR1 (NAT) --> ( PRIVATE)

Like above everything works fine and all VM are getting public IP ( -, which does not work since need one dedicated ip per VM for hosting purposes.

I am a bit unsure why you think that the vmbr interfaces do NAT. Could you please show the content of your "/etc/network/interfaces" file? Redact the configured IP addresses or change them to something different.

Without additional settings the vmbr interfaces are like switches and not routers.

With the setup as you described it your VMs should actually be connected to the public network and if you give them a public IP it should work.

To have a real private network on your Proxmox server you would need to add a new bridge interface that has no "Bridge Port" configured.
Thank you for your reply.

I have just vm internal network configured at vmbr0 and not birdged with eth0
Azure as far as i see dont accpet bridge mode, if i try to bridge with eth0 host vm loses connectivity.

Keep in mind this is neseted virtualiztion setup.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your input. NAT works fine for one ipc. If i add secondary one not just does not work.

I can ping outside from host VM (proxmox) but not from nested vm. IPs are even in separate subnet and does not work. I really drives me crazy!!
please post your:
* `/etc/network/interfaces`
* ouput of: `ip a` , `ip r`
* `iptables-save`

also try pinging the host from a guest, and the hosts default gateway from a guest and post the output


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