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Oct 6, 2023
Hi all,
I have a DELL EMC server on which proxmox os is running. I was testing Link Aggregation Group(LAG) on it. For that I created a Virtual bond following this link instructions
Proxmox mgmt ip:
Eth1 ip:
Eth2 ip:
VB ip:

In the last step we assign the port/slave as bond0 to the vmbr0 interface. As soon as I did my reachability was gone. I am trying to access the node via ethernet cable directly connected to my PC still unable to access it.
Can pls someone help me to resolve this issue.
Proxmox mgmt ip:
Eth1 ip:
Eth2 ip:
VB ip:
Don't assign the same OS multiple IP addresses of the same subnet unless you are creating manual routes. Otherwise you will screw up the automatic routing and packets get lost.

What type of bond did you setup? Output of cat /etc/network/interfaces usually helps us to get a better understanding of what network config got configured.
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Hi Dunuin
Thanks for the reply.

I am using balance-alb bond mode.
This is what I did.
I assigned the IP as mentioned in the previous reply.
As @Dunuin said - remove all but 1 of the IPs from the bond.
Its always good to check the documentation to understand what each of the mechanisms does:

balance-alb or 6 — Sets an Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB) policy for fault tolerance and load balancing. Includes transmit and receive load balancing for IPv4 traffic. Receive load balancing is achieved through ARP negotiation.
This mode is only suitable for local addresses known to the kernel bonding module and therefore cannot be used behind a bridge with virtual machines.

As you can see the balancing is done using ARP/MAC, so having multiple IPs is not useful.

The information here is also quite useful:

Not all switches will react kindly to MAC flapping that may happen with client side-only LAG.

Blockbridge : Ultra low latency all-NVME shared storage for Proxmox -


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