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Apr 28, 2005
We're happy to announce the availability of the new Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.3! This version 6.3 is fully supported by the new Proxmox Backup Server 1.0, released on November 11, 2020. You can back up to multiple remote backup servers and quickly restore your Mail Gateway in case of disaster. You can also schedule regular backups via the GUI, which will then be automatically triggered by a systemd-timer unit.

Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.3 is based on the latest stable release of Debian Buster 10.6 with a Linux kernel 5.4 including the latest security fixes.

Further enhancements:
- Quarantine Link via login-page: Users can request email containing a link to their quarantineview (not only for sites using LDAP).
- Improved usability for the Proxmox Message Tracking Center.
- Support for IPv6 only deployments.

Countless bugfixes and other smaller improvements are included as well, see the full release notes.

Release notes

Alternate ISO download:


Community Forum

Source Code


Q: Can I upgrade Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.x to 6.3?
A: Yes, just via GUI or via CLI with apt update && apt dist-upgrade

Q: Can I install Proxmox Mail Gateway on top of Debian Buster?
A: Yes, see

Q: Can I install Proxmox Mail Gateway on Proxmox VE, VMware or Hyper-V as a virtual machine?
A: Yes, just do the ISO install. If you install on Hyper-V as a generation 2 virtual machine, please disable secure boot.

Q: Can I install Proxmox Mail Gateway as LXC container on Proxmox VE?
A: Yes, just download the proxmox-mailgateway-6.3-standard template via the integrated template downloader.

A big THANK YOU to our active community for all your feedback, testing, bug reporting and patch submitting!

Best regards,

Martin Maurer
Proxmox Mail Gateway project leader
Good progress. However, the ability to integrate a wider range of Anti-Virus apps is a must for stronger protection. Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Sophos, Eset, etc. Perhaps in the next release?
Currently avast is integrated.

However there are not too many available (commercial or free, open-source or closed) antivirus products which fulfil the basic requirements for integration in a mail-proxy product:
* reasonable pricing based on installation, instead of mailbox/user
* running as a daemonized process
* A license not prohibiting the running of the software in scope of some other product (in this case PMG)

To my knowledge all of the AV-solutions you pointed out don't fit for at least one of the mentioned points

Additionally you can already use the custom check interface to integrate an Antivirus if you want:
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