Proxmox Load Average: make it better to read?


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May 14, 2012
Jakarta, Indonesia
When Proxmox Load Average show 150 then I can not determine which VPS caused this high load since all VPS CPU < 90%.
Is this a way to show load of each VPS so I can see where the 150 come from?

NB: currently, I must use enter to each VPS then run #top command 1 by 1

You coud make a script in all of yours VMs/CTs like this(only the basic ideea):

cat /root/

echo $(top -b -n1| head -8 | tail -n 1)

Then you could run this in the PVE server:

pct exec ID /root/

Even better is to get the proccess who cpu > your_limit and use monit to to check this and if your your_limit is pass, then instruct monit what to do(stop / restart / what_ever for your VM/CT and/or send a mail)

Good luck!
You can use monit for load avg or whatever you want. also you can modify the command line to get load avg from top output!
ok, I respect your remarks. For me, using a stable proxmox cluster, most of the cluster resurces are watched by monit. For most of the cases, monit solve most of them without my intervention. For the rest of events I get mails.

As a simple example, I do not watch that now my iops is higher as normal because monit check if some backup or replication is in use. But in any other cases monit send me a mail if this happens for at least 10 min.

For sure, I can find this info using pmx graphics. But this aprouch is time consuming.

Good luck / Bafta


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