proxmox installed on softraid (zfs raid10) - local-lvm empty


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Sep 2, 2023
I'm try install proxmox on softraid zfs raid10. After reboot on web-interface - i have questions on local-lvm.

In journalctl -f - message "no such logical volume pve/data"

df -hT:
udev devtmpfs 36G 0 36G 0% /dev
tmpfs tmpfs 7,1G 1,2M 7,1G 1% /run
rpool/ROOT/pve-1 zfs 1,8T 1,4G 1,8T 1% /
tmpfs tmpfs 36G 63M 36G 1% /dev/shm
tmpfs tmpfs 5,0M 0 5,0M 0% /run/lock
rpool zfs 1,8T 128K 1,8T 1% /rpool
rpool/ROOT zfs 1,8T 128K 1,8T 1% /rpool/ROOT
rpool/data zfs 1,8T 128K 1,8T 1% /rpool/data
/dev/fuse fuse 128M 52K 128M 1% /etc/pve
tmpfs tmpfs 7,1G 0 7,1G 0% /run/user/0

/dev/sda2 [ 1,00 GiB]
/dev/sda3 [ 930,51 GiB]
/dev/sdb2 [ 1,00 GiB]
/dev/sdb3 [ 930,51 GiB]
/dev/sdc2 [ 1,00 GiB]
/dev/sdc3 [ 930,51 GiB]
/dev/sdd2 [ 1,00 GiB]
/dev/sdd3 [ 930,51 GiB]
0 disks
8 partitions
0 LVM physical volume whole disks
0 LVM physical volumes

vgscan -vvvv - in attach.

How to restor local-lvm?

local-lvm is empty now, but I can't understand why it crached (after installation) and how restore this one (withowt reinstall)

Can you help me with it?


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I'm try install proxmox on softraid zfs raid10. After reboot on web-interface - i have questions on local-lvm.

Well..., there is no LVM available when using ZFS ;-)

(While you can create a system using both technologies it is just unusual and unnecessary.)

You've got an rpool which gives you both a "normal" filesystem and devices (ZVOL) to be used for virtual disks in VMs.

The current conditions can be checked by zpool status and zfs list. Both commands have a large set of man pages.

Have fun - and welcome to the club
Thank you for answer and greetings =)

If i undestend write, my error - install proxmox on raid10 with zfs, selected in install menu?

Now is the best choise - remoove lvm-thin and use zfs as array?

zpool status
pool: rpool
state: ONLINE

rpool ONLINE 0 0 0
mirror-0 ONLINE 0 0 0
ata-ST31000524AS_5VPC9G7A-part3 ONLINE 0 0 0
ata-ST1000DM003-1CH162_S1DFV1G8-part3 ONLINE 0 0 0
mirror-1 ONLINE 0 0 0
ata-TOSHIBA_DT01ACA100_14ONM87NS-part3 ONLINE 0 0 0

zfs list
rpool 1.35G 1.76T 104K /rpool
rpool/ROOT 1.34G 1.76T 96K /rpool/ROOT
rpool/ROOT/pve-1 1.34G 1.76T 1.34G /
rpool/data 96K 1.76T 96K /rpool/data

I'm cant remove local-lvm couse this missing.
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Now is the best choise - remoove lvm-thin and create zfs-array?
There is no LVM you could remove as far as I can see.

You have only the "rpool", shown in both "zpool list" and "zfs list". (Btw: please use [CODE] xyz [/CODE]-Tags for posting output of command line commands.) That "rpool" has a size of approx. 1.8 TByte. Is this plausible for you?

So... where is your problem? In the Proxmox Gui you should see two storages labeled "local" and "local-zfs". The first one is a directory type storage (usually used for .iso-Images and/or Container storage) and the latter is a block-device storage, usually used for virtual disks of a virtual machine. Both work simultaneously without further configuration and are setup by defaut during a standard installation.

Please post the the output of cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg to verify this.

Just to show a reasonable expection, this is from my configuration:
~# grep -A4 -E "local|local-zfs" /etc/pve/storage.cfg
dir: local
        path /var/lib/vz
        content iso,backup,vztmpl
        prune-backups keep-daily=5,keep-hourly=3,keep-last=7,keep-monthly=4,keep-weekly=2,keep-yearly=2
        shared 0
zfspool: local-zfs
        pool rpool/data
        content images,rootdir
        sparse 1

Have fun!
Thank you.

I'm use 4 disks for 1000Gb with RAID10 and 1.8Tb - real volume.

 cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg
dir: local
    path /var/lib/vz
    content vztmpl,iso,backup

lvmthin: local-lvm
    thinpool data
    vgname pve
    content rootdir,images
Then the question is why you got a "local-lvm" storage. Looks like you restored your config files from a backup and the old machine was using LVM?
At the firs time I try to install proxmox on RAID (set RAID in BIOS of seup parametrs) but after build array in RAID utility I'm see only 4 hdd and can't find array, I install proxmox on first hdd. After reboot in sysstem was 4 devises. Then I'm try to find information in internet. In any forums, some people, who try to install proxmox, write about problems with softRAID - it was my situation. After that I'm destroy RAID, change propertis in BIOS to AHCI and install proxmox againe. And this I see after reboot server.

At now I see rpool 1.99Tb and disks. I'm can't understen where did I get thin-lvm and I think - It help me understand proxmox. Thats all.

If it only record in web-interfae, can you said me, where I can remove it?
I'am remove this record from storage.conf - and now 'journalctl -f' don't show me errors and web-interface show real situation.

A lot of thanks! :)
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