Proxmox Cluster gone wrong


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Dec 29, 2022
Hello everybody :)
I have a proxmox server in Finland as my main production server and one local at home on an intel nuc.
Both are running latest version and kernel 6.2. Recently at home I got FTTH connection 1000/100 and I thought of making them a cluster...wish I didn't had this idea!
At first I have tried via the GUI but because of 2FA on root account, I was getting an error and related to 2FA and couldn't complete.
So I went via terminal ...and it connected!
But the moment it connected and started moving vm/storages etc, I have lost the local server, which would be fine cause I would normally use it via the main server which is also the cluster main.
But now I am getting error 500 no matter what I do on the main server as well!
Example of error: "hostname lookup 'pve' failed - failed to get address info for: pve: Name or service not known (500)" this is when i go to check my home's proxmox.
And ok at home I can format and re-install at any time, I don't mind it. All vm are backed up in synology and I can have everything running under 30'.
The main server is my issue, it has stopped doing backups, it doesn't allow me to create new vms or lxc
Error that I get when making a new VM on the main server"cluster not ready - no quorum? (500)".

Is there any way to undo the clustering or do I have format it and reinstall it there as well?
I wouldn't mind to format and install it, I would like to have the ability to take a fresh backup before I do format and reinstall, but I can't, I'm always getting the "no quorum? (500) error no matter what action I do.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
I login to the main server via terminal and i give "pvecm nodes" but I get in return:
Membership information
Nodeid Votes Name
1 1 main (local)

With "pvecm status" i get:

Cluster information
Name: MyCluster
Config Version: 2
Transport: knet
Secure auth: on

Quorum information
Date: Tue Jun 13 17:00:16 2023
Quorum provider: corosync_votequorum
Nodes: 1
Node ID: 0x00000001
Ring ID: 1.14
Quorate: No

Votequorum information
Expected votes: 2
Highest expected: 2
Total votes: 1
Quorum: 2 Activity blocked

Membership information
Nodeid Votes Name
0x00000001 1 (local)

But I have run most of the instructions after those 2 and it seems that now it is working, it has started taking backups.
Just in proxmox GUI I still see on the bottom left the name of my home's prox.
And with the 2 first commands i didn't see it listed there, Can I remove it somehow?



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