Proxmox box does not get an IP lease on my router


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Jul 24, 2023
Hi =)
Beginner with proxmox here that is just playing around with various things on my spare time (im a webdesigner by trade so working my way in to tech stuff).
I set up Proxmox on a ThinkCentre Mini and got some containers and VMs running.

All VMs and Containers show up in my router IP lease, and i am able to assign static IPs (piHoles and Pterodactyl and so on).

But my Proxmox box itself does not. Is there a way i can make is seen in the router list (without breaking the VM/CTs)?
I could use the MAC address to reserve one but when doing "ip link" i get a pretty long list that im not to sure what is the acutal IP for the box itself.
Im not that confident in my linux skills to make this work without someone to guide me a bit.

Any input will be appreciated!
Proxmox VE will only fetch an IP via DHCP during the installation. Afterward, it is using fixed IP addresses.
Adding a DHCP reservation might work. Usually, if you didn't change the network configuration a lot, look for vmbr0
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Proxmox uses static IPs. What you are calling "static IPs" aren't static IPs, but DHCP reservations. The clients are still requesting IPs/gateway/DNS dynamically just that the DHCP server is always giving them the same IP.

While not officially supported you could edit the /etc/network/interfaces and set your vmbr0 from "iface vmbr0 inet static" to "iface vmbr0 inet dhcp" and remove the IP and gateway. But backup that file first and have a keyboard/display at hand, in case yu lock yourself out.
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Thanks for the replies! I put in the vmbr0 MAC and the router then suggested the correct IP, which was comforting :D
I added the MAC and IP to the static lease list and hopefully that will make sure there are no conflicts in the future.

I think that will do for me :D
Adding the vmbr0 mac to your router for a reserved lease ip is a good practice as you said, so that no other clients on the network will be assigned that address via dhcp. Proxmox's vmbr0 ip address does not show up in my routers ip lease table either (openwrt in a proxmox vm) but it also never gets assigned a different ip address via dhcp nor other clients take its ip.

If you want to figure out what ips are assigned to your proxmox host the simple command to use from the proxmox console is
ip -c a | grep inet
at least that's the command I use that works for me.
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