Proxmox 1NIC Multiple IP Setup


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Nov 18, 2023
Hello everyone,

I have a small problem and just can't get any further, I have a Hetznerserver with Proxmox, which has 1 NIC, and 3 other external IP addresses, I have already set up one so that it serves as a WAN for all computers on the PF Sense that I attach to the vrmb1.
What I would like to achieve is that I also attach my other additional IP addresses to the setup so that I can expose them via the pfsense to release individual ports from internal vms. Unfortunately I just don't know what to do, everything I have tried has only resulted in me no longer being able to reach the proxmox server, does anyone here have any ideas?

best regards Auger

my current /etc/network/interfaces:

source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
iface lo inet6 loopback

auto enp35s0
iface enp35s0 inet manual
  up ip route add dev enp35s0
  up sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
  up sysctl -w net.ipv4.conf.enp35s0.send_redirects=0
  up sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding=1

iface enp35s0 inet6 static
  address xxx:xxx:3a:xxxx::2/64
  gateway xxxx::1

auto vmbr0
iface vmbr0 inet static
  bridge_ports enp35s0
  bridge_stp off
  bridge_fd 0

  up ip route add via dev vmbr0
  up ip route add via dev vmbr0
  up ip route add via dev vmbr0

auto vmbr1
iface vmbr1 inet manual
  bridge_ports none
  bridge_stp off
  bridge_fd 0
  bridge_vlan_aware yes
  bridge_vids 2-4094
I am not sure exactly what you're trying to achieve. Please elaborate on your setup.
What I understood: You have a PVE server and a separate pfSense machine? Or as a VM?
The IP 135.x.x.x is assigned to PVE and the other two addresses from Hetzner are assigned to pfSense?

I assume you want the routed configuration as described in


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