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    Greetings and hello :)

    in my former company I implemented a Barracuda Spamfilter, which worked very well over more than 5 years. Now I have changed to another company, I am in the need for proper spam protection again. I found your product and got curious. I have some presales questions, which I am posting here instead of directly contacting the sales/presales. Hopefully somebody else gets his questions answered too through this.

    - I have two dedicated internet connections in the office, both are targeted by an MX-Record. Can Proxmox handle the welcome messages properly (connect through IP 1:, connect through IP2:

    - At the moment I do not have any database (AD/LDAP) I could connect Proxmox to, so I need to add every email address by hand (so emails to unknown recipients are blocked immediatelly). When I change that later (implementation of AD is planned), will this have any impact on the running system?

    - Is a user bases quarantine available, where users can log in and release their false positives?

    - How can I estimate the performance of the machine (for sizing)?

    Especially the last question is of importance for me, as we are sending huge amounts of mails (for an SMB). My current pflogsumm (daily!) is something like this (95% of this traffic happens between 8am-5pm):

    Hope to get some proper information before I start my evaluation.

    Thanks in advance
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    I don't work for Proxmox, but wanted to chime in.

    I'd reccomend you implement some kind of backup for your second MX on your second connection. Be it another Proxmox appliance, or a very basic postfix server so you can take promox offline/update it/replace it without risking loss of email or being reliant on a 3rd party system re-delivering. You could have just an SMTP relay on your second connection, and that relays to the PMG (so all mail is filtered).

    I don't know if there is an official word on this, but I highly doubt pmg will be able to respond with a different hostname/EHLO per interface. That also means you will have a multi-homed connection if you are sending out bound, and pmg will not know where you want to relay mail (my thoughts only though and assuming you are using two gateways and not a dual wan firewall)

    Without LDAP users can login using 'token auth' by using a special link. They will get this at the bottom of spam reports. When they click, they will be able to view/release email for their mailbox without the need to login.

    In terms of sizing, volume isn't really a problem for pretty much any system. 4GB Ram + 2 cores will do just fine. 20-40 GB of storage is also probably going to be fine, but, if you get a lot of spam that will be stored so size as appropriate. You can always extend it. If you are also scanning files for malware ect, I'd double the CPU.

    Hope that helps.
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