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Oct 25, 2023
I have searched all over the internet i feel, for an answer to this.

i have a win 11 VM running in proxmox, it has a static ip and everything works fine but i am using it to run a game server so i obviously need to do some port forwarding.for safety i rather use port triggering but for some weird reason i cant get it to work with port triggering but only port forwarding and i know that port triggering works as i used it before when the win11 wasnt a VM

can anyone throw some light on why it wont work ? the firewall on proxmox is turned off, i also tried turning off windows firewall without any luck

I am very new to Proxmox so i might need you guys to explain things to me as i was 5 lol
of course.

i went into my netgear router (nighthawk r8000), went to the port forwarding and clicked the port triggering radio button instead and put in said ports and IP adress to the win VM, it doesnt work.

but if i do exactly the same but in port forwarding it works.

as said, i prefere not to use port forwarding as that leaves the port open permanently instead of only when its needed, my router can see both proxmox and the win VM so i am a bit on a loss here on what to do


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Thank you!

May you post the VM config and the network configuration of your Proxmox VE?
Sorry for the late answer, i think i have everything for you (i am very new to proxmox) so if i miss anything then just guide me to where i find the info and i will get it for you :)


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