[SOLVED] Physical volume on other hosts


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Mar 1, 2012
I have some iscsi based storage with LVM ontop. Introduced a new lun this morning to all 7 nodes.

On one of the hosts I created a physical volume and volume group on mpath6.

Iscsi looks good and so does multipath on all the hosts. Each host has the following.

mpath6 (2b53371228193c3eb6c9ce9003d3584d2) dm-686 Nimble,Server
size=127T features='1 queue_if_no_path' hwhandler='1 alua' wp=rw
`-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=50 status=active
|- 28:0:0:0 sdi 8:128 active ready running
`- 29:0:0:0 sdj 8:144 active ready running

On the other hosts I can see the physical volume and volume group with pvscan and vgscan, but I can't get them to actually show up.

root@ccscloud4:~# pvscan
PV /dev/mapper/mpath3 VG Cloud-Alletra lvm2 [<127.00 TiB / <10.54 TiB free]
PV /dev/mapper/mpath5 VG Cloud-Transient-Alletra lvm2 [<100.00 TiB / <53.46 TiB free]
PV /dev/mapper/mpath6 VG Cloud-Udarchive1 lvm2 [<127.00 TiB / <127.00 TiB free]
PV /dev/mapper/mpath4 VG Cloud2-Alletra lvm2 [<127.00 TiB / 87.03 TiB free]
PV /dev/sda3 VG pve lvm2 [<279.24 GiB / <15.81 GiB free]

/dev/mapper/mpath6 is what I just added.

On the host I created the pv and vg.

root@ccscloud1:~# pvdisplay /dev/mapper/mpath6
--- Physical volume ---
PV Name /dev/mapper/mpath6
VG Name Cloud-Udarchive1
PV Size 127.00 TiB / not usable 4.00 MiB
Allocatable yes
PE Size 4.00 MiB
Total PE 33292287
Free PE 33292287
Allocated PE 0
PV UUID jOE3SR-Y2no-ZDgI-vISO-4G9o-gl7q-gHekXS

On any of the other hosts in the cluster.

root@ccscloud4:~# pvdisplay /dev/mapper/mpath6
Failed to find physical volume "/dev/mapper/mpath6".

Not sure what I could be missing, we have added luns in the past without hitting any of this.
Sometimes things dont work out due to timing and you need to give it an extra kick. A reboot will most likely solve the issue.
You can also try to experiment with "pvscan" options, ie -t -d -v -a (see man pvscan)
Check you journalctl as well.

Blockbridge : Ultra low latency all-NVME shared storage for Proxmox - https://www.blockbridge.com/proxmox

That was enough to get me on the right track.

This did the job.

pvscan --cache


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