PBS v2.4-3: Restoring datastore?


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Jun 24, 2022
Well, chalk it up to newbie-ness!

I created and ran a PBS sync job to keep an offsite datastore backed up locally - but the local datastore had lots of backup groups.
* Unfortunately, I had the "Removed vanished" checkbox ticked - oops...poof, there went my local backup groups.
* The local datastore is mounted on a zfs partition and I'm able to still see all the backups (ie, .chunks directory) when list the directory from the CLI.
* I can see the disk useage from the PBS GUI: Datastore>Summary, ie, it seems to see the data
* I've temporarily disabled Garbage Collection and removed the Prune job
* I've temporarily disabled the Verify job for the local datastore.
* PBS is living inside a PVE VM, and I restored the most recent image - as it was before the sync job, but I don't see the local datastore content after the restore.

Is there a way I might be able to do something to "restore" the datastore so I can see all the local content in the datastore? I guess it would be the opposite of many people wanting to force a garbage collection in order to reclaim disk space.

I'm still within ~22 hours of the 24 hour clock that's mentioned in the PBS Garbage Collection doc

Thanks in advance!
sadly, there isn't. When pbs "removes" or "prunes" stuff it removes the index files used to rebuild the chunks. If the index files are gone, there is no way to restore the backup. You could try to restore them using zfs snapshots though.
@ggoller - Thank you for your reply!

I just started over by removing all the old backups, ran garbage collection and ran backups. It gave me an opportunity to break them out into separate namespaces so I have a little more control over them...sometimes, starting over is a good thing.

- Chris
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