pbs prune & gc job management inconsistencies


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Mar 5, 2019

i'd be curious why we have gc schedule being stored as a property in datastore.cfg and why there is also some prune-schedule setting there

i would expect that gc scheduling is managed at it's own job instance/level like verify , prune and sync in appropriate cfg files.

is that for historical reason and may change in the future ?

when i open i see tabs for verify, prune and sync jobs, but not for gc jobs

when i open datastore repli_pbs-backup_s740-dad in webui , i also see prune schedule hourly (which isn't true, as it's disabled and prune job is started via script), but in datastore.cfg there is also a daily prune-schedule being listed, which i do not find in the webui at all:

datastore: repli_pbs-backup_s740-dad
path /backup/repli_s740-dad_pbs-backup
prune-schedule daily

in my serialized script for prune/sync/gc/verify i have :

time proxmox-backup-manager sync-job run syncjob-a
time proxmox-backup-manager sync-job run syncjob-b
time proxmox-backup-manager sync-job run ...

time proxmox-backup-manager verify-job run verifyjob-a
time proxmox-backup-manager verify-job run verifyjob-b
time proxmox-backup-manager verify-job run

time proxmox-backup-manager prune-job run prunejob-a
time proxmox-backup-manager prune-job run prunejob-b
time proxmox-backup-manager prune-job run ...

time proxmox-backup-manager garbage-collection start datastore-a
time proxmox-backup-manager garbage-collection start datastore-b
time proxmox-backup-manager garbage-collection start ....

that's a little bit confusing / inconsistent
mhh, i have no clue where "prune-schedule daily" is coming from in datastore.cfg

i removed the manually started prune job , but the daily prune setting from the datastore.cfg does not appear anywhere in the gui

where does that configuration come from or where is that configured ?
oh, and by the way - i dont't want to appear ungrateful or impatient here.

PBS CLI usage has improved a LOT - i'm very happy that we actually can RUN a job at all from CLI

it's just that typical struggle for perfection which drives us unix/admin people :D
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sorry, missread the Datastores line , this is the list of all Prune jobs.
So, another guess is that the options defined when "Adding Datastore" / tab "Prune Option"


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