OTP fails, though time were exact on phone and pve host


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Jul 4, 2019

So this happens a second time. The first time it happened was a few months ago where I took the chance to reinstall PVE, so I never found out why.
This time, again, after stopping the host for some hardware swap and maintenance, the OTP login fails.
The host is now connected to the internet so I checked and confirmed that the NTP service is active. Comparing the time between it and my phone, the difference is just a few seconds, much less than 30 secs.

To give more details, I actually once logon to the PVE GUI while the host was offline during the maintenance (through directly connecting a LAN cable to a desktop). Over there, I first checked the PVE's time, it was 2 hours lagging the actual time. So I switched my phone back two hours, and I could actually login with the OTP code. So before I have reconnected the host to the internet, it seems the OTP was still functioning.

Interestingly, now that the host seeing the actual time again, but the OTP fails. (I have reset my phone's time to normal, and had it rebooted as well). Even if I try the above trick guessing it is somehow two hours lagging, it doesn't work either.

Any help will be appreciated.

please send the output of

pveversion -v

also, your timezone would be interesting

please send the output of

pveversion -v

also, your timezone would be interesting

The command generated the below:
root@pve:~# pveversion -v
proxmox-ve: 6.1-2 (running kernel: 5.3.10-1-pve)
pve-manager: 6.1-3 (running version: 6.1-3/37248ce6)
pve-kernel-5.3: 6.0-12
pve-kernel-helper: 6.0-12
pve-kernel-5.0: 6.0-11
pve-kernel-5.3.10-1-pve: 5.3.10-1
pve-kernel-5.0.21-5-pve: 5.0.21-10
pve-kernel-5.0.15-1-pve: 5.0.15-1
ceph-fuse: 12.2.11+dfsg1-2.1+b1
corosync: 3.0.2-pve4
criu: 3.11-3
glusterfs-client: 5.5-3
ifupdown: 0.8.35+pve1
ksm-control-daemon: 1.3-1
libjs-extjs: 6.0.1-10
libknet1: 1.13-pve1
libpve-access-control: 6.0-5
libpve-apiclient-perl: 3.0-2
libpve-common-perl: 6.0-9
libpve-guest-common-perl: 3.0-3
libpve-http-server-perl: 3.0-3
libpve-storage-perl: 6.1-2
libqb0: 1.0.5-1
libspice-server1: 0.14.2-4~pve6+1
lvm2: 2.03.02-pve3
lxc-pve: 3.2.1-1
lxcfs: 3.0.3-pve60
novnc-pve: 1.1.0-1
proxmox-mini-journalreader: 1.1-1
proxmox-widget-toolkit: 2.1-1
pve-cluster: 6.1-2
pve-container: 3.0-14
pve-docs: 6.1-3
pve-edk2-firmware: 2.20191002-1
pve-firewall: 4.0-9
pve-firmware: 3.0-4
pve-ha-manager: 3.0-8
pve-i18n: 2.0-3
pve-qemu-kvm: 4.1.1-2
pve-xtermjs: 3.13.2-1
qemu-server: 6.1-2
smartmontools: 7.0-pve2
spiceterm: 3.1-1
vncterm: 1.6-1
zfsutils-linux: 0.8.2-pve2

My time zone is EST (UTC -5).


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