Onboard NIC not found


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Jul 10, 2023
I can't find an exact match for my issue in this forum - if there is one, please forgive my reasking this!

As a new Proxmox user, I have tried installing version 8 on a Supermicro X10dri motherboard, but none of the onboard NICs are recognized (I get the "no network interface detected" message). I have tried with a live USB version of Ubuntu, which again doesn't detect a network connection, yet I have repurposed the hardware from a NAS, and everything was working fine. I have tried the cable, and all is good.

Any suggestions? I have heard such good things about Proxmox that I really would like to use it if possible.

Thanks in advance
I should add that I tried with an older quad-port Intel NIC, and it was recognized along with my router, gateway and DNS server, although upon entering the assigned IP address into a browser I was unable to access the Proxmox GUI.
Most likely you are just missing a driver. What is the result of lspci|grep -i net

You can also post journalctl -b to get more information about your system or ip link show to see if there are any nework devices found
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Thanks Philipp, I'll try that when I get home, although why would that result in me not being able to access the GUI when another NIC was installed? And why would Ubuntu not detect the onboard NIC (which uses an Intel chipset, though I'm not sure which one) either?
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I ran those commands, and the output just showed the four ports on the NIC I was using, "Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82576 Gigabit Network Connection (rev 01)"
hmm... it does not seem like that network device has any known issues on linux systems.

Lets see how your network is configured with ip link

You could also try checking if your networking has anything to say with journalctl -b -u networking.service
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I think that in the short term I'll just reload a NAS OS on this server since that was going to be one of the VMs, and try installing Proxmox on similar (but slightly different) hardware. I would have liked to consolidate my servers as VMs, but what should have been straightforward is just taking too long. I really appreciate your time and trouble though. Hopefully the new install will go relatively smoothly! Before I do anything though, I'll follow your advice, as I hate admitting defeat lol


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