Old eth0 nic name: rename before migrating to Proxmox 6?


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Aug 2, 2013
A standalone 5.4 Proxmox server here, running a few CTs and VMs, has its network interface eth0 still using the old naming convention.
- Is it obligatory to rename it into something like enpXsY (with X, Y as numbers) before to start the migration to Proxmox6?
- If I don't rename it before the upgrade, will the upgrade change it to enpXsY?
- If I have to rename it before the upgrade, is there any procedure, link, etc. on how to do this, notably for any Proxmox-specfic aspects?

Thank you!
@Stoiko Ivanov : I should have precised I had read that page on debian website before posting. Ok for debian itself, but if I change the nic name, how will proxmox react - will it self-change, or do I have to look for any occurrence of "eth0" in all proxmox/ct/vm config files?
That depends on your network config...
the upgrade to buster will make your physical nics on the PVE-node probably change their name -> you need to adapt /etc/network/interfaces to the new names.

In a standard bridged setup this is done by changing the lines for the NIC itself and the bridge-ports line for vmbr0

The guest names should not be affected:
* for KVM the nics get named inside the guest (i.e. if you upgrade jessie -> stretch -> buster in a guest you will need to make the changes in the guests /etc/network interfaces)
* for containers the NICs remain named eth0...

I hope this helps!


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