Node now in wait_for_agent_lock state no matter what I do


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Feb 18, 2010
I have rebooted a node of proxmox 5.4 cluster.
Now it is always in wait_for_agent_lock state.
Some virtual machines are in fence state.
Corosync works, I have looked in many logs without finding errors.
I receive via mail every minute these messages:

FENCE: Try to fence node 'pvehp2'
SUCCEED: fencing: acknowledged - got agent lock for node 'pvehp2'

and then nothing happens (no reboot)

What can I do?
It is doing it again.

Fenced node and other nodes gave the same result:

quorum OK
master pvedell (active, Fri Jan  8 18:19:10 2021)
lrm pvedell (active, Fri Jan  8 18:19:13 2021)
lrm pvedell1 (active, Fri Jan  8 18:19:06 2021)
lrm pvehpbig (active, Fri Jan  8 18:19:15 2021)
service vm:100 (pvedell, started)
service vm:101 (pvedell, started)
service vm:102 (pvedell, started)
service vm:103 (pvedell, started)
service vm:111 (pvedell, started)
service vm:113 (pvedell, started)
service vm:115 (pvedell1, started)
service vm:119 (pvehpbig, started)
service vm:120 (pvehpbig, started)
service vm:121 (pvedell, started)
service vm:122 (pvedell1, started)
service vm:124 (pvedell1, started)
service vm:131 (pvedell1, started)
service vm:140 (pvehpbig, started)
service vm:146 (pvedell1, started)
service vm:164 (pvedell1, started)
service vm:169 (pvedell, started)
service vm:179 (pvedell1, started)

Cluster information
Name:             giammar1
Config Version:   24
Transport:        knet
Secure auth:      on

Quorum information
Date:             Fri Jan  8 18:20:14 2021
Quorum provider:  corosync_votequorum
Nodes:            3
Node ID:          0x00000005
Ring ID:          1.1210
Quorate:          Yes

Votequorum information
Expected votes:   3
Highest expected: 3
Total votes:      3
Quorum:           2 
Flags:            Quorate

Membership information
    Nodeid      Votes Name
0x00000001          1
0x00000003          1
0x00000005          1 (local)
It is doing it again.
The original post was made well over a year ago, did you upgrade to Proxmox VE 6.3 during that time? What is your pveversion -v

Also, where there any changes made in the environment (e.g., network switch maintenance), seems odd that this happens now again (out of the blue)?
Upgraded to latest version. It seems that if I have many vm to migrate ( I set policy type migration for the cluster) it probably use too much time to reboot and so ha-manager gets crazy.


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