[SOLVED] No Valid Subscription in quarantine at Mobile phone

Sep 11, 2023
Hi everyone,

I've found a bug or something fails on the Subscription in mobile when I check the quarantine link.

but on Microsoft Edge in Windows works fine.

I would like to fix this popup on mobile phone.


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Do yhou have any modifications to your PMG installation? (e.g. the top looks a bit different) - if yes - I guess the issue might be there...

else please post `pmgversion -v`
I have adjusted the quarantine page. that is why Mobile phones get popup
proxmox-mailgateway: 7.3-1 (API: 7.3-3/a3d66da0, running kernel: 5.15.107-2-pve)
pmg-api: 7.3-3
pmg-gui: 3.3-2
pve-kernel-5.15: 7.4-3
pve-kernel-helper: 7.3-8
pve-kernel-5.13: 7.1-9
pve-kernel-5.4: 6.4-15
pve-kernel-5.15.107-2-pve: 5.15.107-2
pve-kernel-5.13.19-6-pve: 5.13.19-15
pve-kernel-5.4.174-2-pve: 5.4.174-2
pve-kernel-5.4.162-1-pve: 5.4.162-2
pve-kernel-5.4.151-1-pve: 5.4.151-1
pve-kernel-5.4.143-1-pve: 5.4.143-1
pve-kernel-5.4.128-1-pve: 5.4.128-2
pve-kernel-5.4.114-1-pve: 5.4.114-1
pve-kernel-5.4.106-1-pve: 5.4.106-1
pve-kernel-5.4.78-2-pve: 5.4.78-2
pve-kernel-5.4.73-1-pve: 5.4.73-1
pve-kernel-5.4.65-1-pve: 5.4.65-1
pve-kernel-4.15: 5.4-19
pve-kernel-4.15.18-30-pve: 4.15.18-58
pve-kernel-4.15.18-28-pve: 4.15.18-56
pve-kernel-4.15.18-24-pve: 4.15.18-52
pve-kernel-4.15.18-13-pve: 4.15.18-37
pve-kernel-4.15.18-12-pve: 4.15.18-36
clamav-daemon: 0.103.8+dfsg-0+deb11u1
ifupdown: 0.8.36+pve2
libarchive-perl: 3.4.0-1
libjs-extjs: 7.0.0-1
libjs-framework7: 4.4.7-1
libproxmox-acme-perl: 1.4.4
libproxmox-acme-plugins: 1.4.4
libpve-apiclient-perl: 3.2-1
libpve-common-perl: 7.3-4
libpve-http-server-perl: 4.2-3
libxdgmime-perl: 1.0-1
lvm2: 2.03.11-2.1
pmg-docs: 7.3-2
pmg-i18n: 2.12-1
pmg-log-tracker: 2.3.2-1
postgresql-13: 13.11-0+deb11u1
proxmox-mini-journalreader: 1.3-1
proxmox-offline-mirror-helper: 0.5.1-1
proxmox-spamassassin: 4.0.0-2
proxmox-widget-toolkit: 3.7.3
pve-firmware: 3.6-5
pve-xtermjs: 4.16.0-1
zfsutils-linux: 2.1.11-pve1
I have adjusted the quarantine page. that is why Mobile phones get popup
Then I guess the issue is somewhere in your modifications - I just checked - here the mobile GUI works on a PMG with subscription, without showing a pop-up

The sources of the GUI packages can be found at:

maybe this helps you in finding where you need to adapt things.

I hope this helps!


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