Newbie requiring networking/VLAN Assistance


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Sep 30, 2023

Apologies, very new to Proxmox (just installed yesterday for first time). I am using Proxmox on a home server (single node for now), which will be used for VM's and containers.

I have an Asus router, which doesn't natively support the administration of VLAN's, but want to use Proxmox to do my VLAN for at least the VM's/Containers which sit on it.

My router IP is, with subnet, meaning I can use from - for my network - More than I need, but 254 hosts in one subnet was not enough.

My proxmox currently has the default networking, as below:

eno2 - Network Device
vmbr0 - Linux Bridge - IP:, Gateway:
wlo1 - Inactive

I am trying to split the network ranges and create VLAN's such as below:

VLAN1: 192.168.1.x - Critical Infra
VLAN2: 192.168.2.x - IOT (Trusted)
VLAN3: 192.168.3.x - IOT (Non trusted)
VLAN4: 192.168.4.x - VM's
VLAN5: 192.168.5.x - Containers

I suspect all will require internet access, but I will try to deal with the rules to communicate between VLAN's later.

Note: I will later put reservations on the router to assist with this. To reduce complexity, want Proxmox hosts to use DHCP.

Can someone assist with how I would do this in Proxmox? Read quite a bit, and watched some videos, but I was rather confused by it.

try pve sdn, the documentation is pretty straightforward in your case.
1. configure sdn support
2. set up an evpn controller, a zone, a vnet and as many subnets as you want.
3. set up exit node and enable snat on your subnets to have access to internet.
4. add vm and set network to vnet you created.


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