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Oct 11, 2023
Hello everyone Im new to the forums and im trying to build out a cluster for a production environment at my company. We have nutanix currently but a refresh quote was outrageous and were looking at proxmox to run our 12vm's. Im thinking about getting a Supermicro 6029TP-HTR 4 node server. I only need 3 nodes but the 4th as a backup? not sure yet. Anyways, my concern with going this route is ive got 3 drives I can put in each node. My plan is to use 1 for the OS in ext4 filesystem and 2 zfs mirrored drives for vm's per node. I would prefer having 2 drives for the os and 2 for the vm's. So would it be feasable to get a pci-e nvme to accomplish getting the os to be mirrored zfs? Or leave it as is having 1 drive for the os? Im planning on getting Intel D3-S4510 enterprise SSD's for the whole cluster. Is their anything you would change about the cluster or ideas to improve it? I would appreciate it. Thanks

Proposed specs on each node:
2x Xeon silver 4116 12-core
2x 10Gbps network ports
Intel D3-S4510 960GB for OS
2x Intel D3-S4510 3.84TB for VM's
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You can look into something like this for root disk redundancy.
If this is a production system, you should have root disk protected. We always recommend our customers to use Dell BOSS, and this would be an equivalent in SMC world.

You shouldnt discount AMD as your choice. Dual package systems are not always most optimal.

I would also look at 25Gbit for network, you can always step down to 10gbit with a converter. 25 is the new 10.

The main question is - what is your plan for HA? You described local storage in each server of your cluster, are going to rely on async replication?

Blockbridge : Ultra low latency all-NVME shared storage for Proxmox -


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