Network just stopped working


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Aug 8, 2023
I'm a bit perplexed here. I've had my Proxmox VE up and running for over a year now - Supermicro YS-5028D-TN4T. The only thing really running on it was a Plex VM and another one for my Unifi Network software.

Last week I was provisioning a new NAS (baremetal - unrelated hardware). I set up the SMB share on it, and then changed the fstab file on my PlexVM, and rebooted it to use the new NAS. Everything seemed fine, and then one day it just dropped off the network. Not the Plex VM, Proxmox as a whole. I cannot reach it via the GUI, ping it or reach it other then through the IPMI interface.

I've attached snapshots of the /etc/network/interfaces file as well as the ip link show output although there nothing terribly special about it.
It appears to show there's no carrier on the two ethernet jacks in use (eno3/eno4). But they haven't changed, are both lit up (although no blinking activity - just solid amber and green), and my switch shows a 10g connection on these ports.

ip link set eno3 up for example doesn't appear to do anything.

I attempted to see if there was anything in dmesg regarding the eno3 interface that was interesting, but I'm not entirely sure what to make of it.


I've poked around here and just haven't found the silver bullet (hopeful there is one)
Anyone with any ideas what might be wrong or what else I look at, I'd appreciate the assist. Not sure what happened here.


"You should also try with the gigabit ports (I assume eno1/2)."

So, could both 10g network ports just die at once?

Made a copy of /etc/network/interfaces to /etc/network/

Edited that new file, pointed vmbr0 at eno1 instead of 3, and removed the other vmbr1 interface for now.


Back up and running. I suppose I have a hardware failure, on what is a pretty new device. Can't say I'm happy with that.

Thanks folks!!


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