Network failure on High Loads

Alexander Beck

New Member
May 16, 2018
If one of my vm's have an spike of more than 1000Mbit it gets disconnected from the internet and only gets back after an complete Node Reboot. If i try to make an speedtest on the proxmox host itself and make this 'spike' it gets disconnected from internet too, but the vm's are still online.

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

iface eno1 inet manual

iface eno2 inet manual

iface enp33s0f0 inet manual

iface enp33s0f1 inet manual

auto vmbr0
iface vmbr0 inet static
bridge-ports enp33s0f1
bridge-stp off
bridge-fd 0

ethtool -S:

The Hardware is Following:
Supermicro H11SSL-I
EPYC 7401P
Intel 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+

And the Software:
proxmox-ve: 6.1-2 (running kernel: 5.3.18-2-pve) pve-manager: 6.1-7 (running version: 6.1-7/13e58d5e) pve-kernel-helper: 6.1-7 pve-kernel-5.3: 6.1-5 pve-kernel-5.0: 6.0-11 pve-kernel-5.3.18-2-pve: 5.3.18-2 pve-kernel-5.3.13-1-pve: 5.3.13-1 pve-kernel-5.0.21-5-pve: 5.0.21-10 pve-kernel-5.0.21-4-pve: 5.0.21-9 pve-kernel-5.0.15-1-pve: 5.0.15-1 ceph: 14.2.6-pve1 ceph-fuse: 14.2.6-pve1 corosync: 3.0.3-pve1 criu: 3.11-3 glusterfs-client: 5.5-3 ifupdown: not correctly installed ifupdown2: 2.0.1-1+pve7 ksm-control-daemon: 1.3-1 libjs-extjs: 6.0.1-10 libknet1: 1.15-pve1 libpve-access-control: 6.0-6 libpve-apiclient-perl: 3.0-3 libpve-common-perl: 6.0-16 libpve-guest-common-perl: 3.0-3 libpve-http-server-perl: 3.0-4 libpve-storage-perl: 6.1-5 libqb0: 1.0.5-1 libspice-server1: 0.14.2-4~pve6+1 lvm2: 2.03.02-pve4 lxc-pve: 3.2.1-1 lxcfs: 3.0.3-pve60 novnc-pve: 1.1.0-1 proxmox-mini-journalreader: 1.1-1 proxmox-widget-toolkit: 2.1-3 pve-cluster: 6.1-4 pve-container: 3.0-21 pve-docs: 6.1-6 pve-edk2-firmware: 2.20200229-1 pve-firewall: 4.0-10 pve-firmware: 3.0-6 pve-ha-manager: 3.0-8 pve-i18n: 2.0-4 pve-qemu-kvm: 4.1.1-3 pve-xtermjs: 4.3.0-1 qemu-server: 6.1-6 smartmontools: 7.1-pve2 spiceterm: 3.1-1 vncterm: 1.6-1 zfsutils-linux: 0.8.3-pve1


Proxmox Staff Member
Staff member
Aug 1, 2018
Please also provide the VM config (qm config <VMID>). Is there anything in the logs? (Both on the host and in the VM)


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