Need advices and help to setup a server


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Dec 11, 2018

Firstly I would like to thank the team for this free project and the people who help "noob" like me.

My level on Linux is "beginner" I installed few linux ubuntu to run some plex, seedbox or game server thanks to a lot of tutorial on internet.

I think Proxmox is the best solution for my need. I own a good local machine and I want to run multiple LCX or VM on it.

I installed Proxmox 5.3.1 on a local machine and started to "play" a little with it but I don't have the knowledge to do what I want.

I have an SSD 500GO and 2 HHD (2x4TO)

My goal is to setup multiple VM/LCX to run various things. The first one would be plex but I don't want my media to be on the same VM/LCX so if i have a problem or need a backup I don't have to backup all the media data.
Is it possible to create a storage with the HDD raid1 so my different VM/LCX mount the storage to access data?
For exemple I would have my LCX with plex looking to this storage for movie and my LCX with photo manager looking to this storage too.

Any help or advice are welcome.
I have the very same setup right now.
Here is what I did.
I have a supermicro 24 bay box.
I am not using all but even now I have a mix of 16 hdd +2ssd for system.
I install Proxmox on 2x120gb ssd mirror zfs. Since I had 2x1tb hdd I also created a mirrored pool and added to proxmox as local storage to hold my vm and containers disks.

No I have 6x2tb had
4x3tb and 2x4tb.
I like tobplay it safe so I do not mix disks in the pool.
I created 1 mirror from 4tb
1 mirror from all 3tb and 1 mirror from all 2tb disks.
So that would be
Tank2 4tb
Tank1 6tb using 2 mirrored vdevs of 2x3tb each
And tank0 6tb using 3 mirrored vdevs of 2x2tb each

Now you do your research and choose your optimal config.

Than you create volumes or folders on your data pool
And you can either nfs share them and mount therm in vm.
Or bind mount them into containers as needed.
Since I run mostly containers I didnt bother with nfs. But I also plan to setup a container with a file server setup. So I can manage the sharing better.


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