NAS w/ CT rootfs and snapshots


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Jun 21, 2023
Still new to proxmox here and I have been tasked with setting up a cluster with 3 hypervisors and a NAS. I need to hypervisors to be able to access the storage on the NAS in order to host the container rootfs as well as have snapshot functionality. I am having a bad time with it. Originally we tried TrueNAS but could only get it to attach through NFS which did not support snapshots. So I installed Proxmox VE on the NAS as well but the hypervisors can't access the ZFS pool and Ceph is giving me timeouts.

Not sure what info you would need to assist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As long as the NAS can host the rootfs and take snapshots, how it's done doesn't really matter
Based on your requirements, your options for CT+Snapshots+Shared Storage are limited to entries in this matrix: (where Shared=yes+Snapshot=yes).
Specifically CephFS and CephRBD. However, they dont fit with your NAS requirements.

I'd say that you are in a bit of a pickle if you must adhere to 3 hypervisors+NAS requirements. Not sure if trying to built a Frankenstein system of PVE inside NAS is a valid production solution.

The option that is not mentioned in the table is Blockbridge.

Blockbridge : Ultra low latency all-NVME shared storage for Proxmox -
What about ZFS over iSCSI with TrueNAS? That is listed as Shared=yes+Snapshot=yes but when I configured that it did not allow me to host the CT rootfs there. Only VM disk images. Is there a way around that?
Why do you want to use containers with a cluster? You cannot do live migration, so what use are containers there? We dropped containers and just went with full VMs, much easier to deal with, live-migrateable and has no restrictions with respect to backend storage.
I've just been operating with SOP from legacy setup. I could try to use VMs and see if I could sell the change to dev. Current setup is a couple of LXC servers


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