Multiple clusters with different hardware in the same datacenter


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Aug 2, 2015

I have read your documentation and it says it's possible to run multiple clusters in the same datacenter:

Multiple Clusters in the Same Network
It is possible to create multiple clusters in the same physical or logical network. In this case, each cluster must have a unique name to avoid possible clashes in the cluster communication stack. Furthermore, this helps avoid human confusion by making clusters clearly distinguishable.

But i can't find in your documentation how i can make two different clusters in the same datacenter?

The case:
We have multiple servers with different architecture, both elder Intel and new AMD servers. So i want to have them separated for each other.

Is it possible? And if, please tell me how as your documentation are not providing this information.

For example, if i try to setup another cluster with a different name this issue occur:

root@prox01:~# pvecm create AMD --link0
Corosync Cluster Engine Authentication key generator.
Gathering 2048 bits for key from /dev/urandom.
Writing corosync key to /etc/corosync/authkey.
Writing corosync config to /etc/pve/corosync.conf
Restart corosync and cluster filesystem
root@prox01:~# pvecm create INTEL --link1
cluster config '/etc/pve/corosync.conf' already exists
What the documentation says is:
If you have 3 AMD servers and 3 Intel servers in physical datacenter location, you can create two independent Proxmox clusters that all have IPs on the same physical or logical network. I.e. there will be 6 independent hosts with 6 unique IPs.
You should name them, for example: proxmox1a, proxmox2a, proxmox3a, proxmox1i, proxmox2i, proxmox3i.
You should NOT name them: proxmox1, proxmox2, proxmox3 and proxmox1, proxmox2, proxmox3

Each node can only be part of one PVE cluster. If by "datacenter" you mean management object in PVE GUI - then its NOT possible to combine two PVE clusters in one view today. There is development work going on, but, to my knowledge, its not ready yet.

What you can do today is combine all servers in single cluster and carefully manage HA so that VMs are constrained to AMD and Intel groups. Whether the benefit of single GUI outweighs the drawbacks of additional management - is up to you to decide.

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