Migrating VirtualBox WordPress installation to Proxmox


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Nov 13, 2019
Hey guys. Not entirely sure what's happening here, maybe someone can help out. Before beginning, I'll note that this is my first time using Proxmox.

I currently have Ubuntu Server 18 installed in a Virtualbox VM on my windows 10 pc. It's a fully configured LAMP server with a WordPress installation. Everything's been up and running smoothly for well over 2 months.

I also have a FreeNAS server that's sitting on extra hardware it's not using. My idea was to run a ProxMox hypervisor to run both VMs off the single machine.

After migrating the .VDI file from my windows PC to ProxMox, I had some network woes that took a bit of solving, but when I inspected my website it defaulted back to the default index.php.
I checked the contents of my Webroot directory (var/www/website) and there were no files - the entire WordPress installation is gone!
I booted the virtualbox vm to check and everything was there - intact and working properly.

What gives? How could the WordPress installation be missing when migrating?
I literally did a copy and paste the vdi in winscp.

Usually I'd have some hint of what's happening but I haven't the slightest of clue. I really hope someone can help.
maybe you had your wordpress install on an external disk and forgot to migrate it?
Thanks for the quick reply.
To migrate I simple copied the vdi file from my windows 10 pc and uploaded it to the root directory of my Proxmox, then installed via WINSCP. I then selected that file as the bootable disk and was greeted with my Ubuntu server install.

I'm confident I didn't forget any directories; I copied the co olete vdi file to Proxmox, and even though the WordPress installation is gone, all of my files elsewhere are intact. As stated, I booted up virtualbox with that vm to confirm the directories and everything is where it should be.

TBH I've only ever asked for help on forums a handful of times in my life, but this one is completely stumping my.

Also note that I booted my virtualbox with the exact same vdi that I had just uploaded to Proxmox.

I'll post some screenshots after work if no one chimes in. Is there any logs that I could check? Please note that everything boots without any errors.
As promised here are my screenshots. First image is the VM running in VBox6.0, the second image is of the vdi file running on Proxmox.
These are supposed to be identical. It was a drag and drop in WinSCP to the Proxmox server.
One really weird thing that I just noticed while checking was that the file permissions for that specific file have changed.

Specifically, note that in the Vbox image, the "techu" directory located in /var/www/ is rightfully owned by www-data, whereas on Proxmox it's owner/group are root, and the directory is empty. Something is obviously wrong here. I've been mucking with VM's for about a year now and never ran into this problem.

I was pondering at work that it may be some sort of permissions issue, but I dismissed it because I was transferring over the entire filesystem and not just the Wordpress install.

I'm telling you, even my apache2.conf has my custom FQDN. Everything is identical except for my webroot, which has vanished.


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To migrate I simple copied the vdi file from my windows 10 pc and uploaded it to the root directory of my Proxmox, then installed via WINSCP. I then selected that file as the bootable disk and was greeted with my Ubuntu server install.

that might be, but what i suspect is that you had another disk in the virtualbox, which held your wordpress installation. so multiple disks, and maybe while migrating you overlooked that extra disk.

that would explain why it's missing. but this is just a guess.

in any case, you could create a tar archive of the /var/www directory on your old vbox instance, transfer the archive and extract it on the proxmox vm. set the permissions/owners with chown and chmod (with -R flag on both for recursive) and if the only problem is missing files, things should work.
I'm definite that the WordPress installation is on the same drive, but last night I checked my ssl config and I noticed that I had the default config loaded instead of my custom one. I must have missed that in my initial checking.
I'm beginning to think that this is actually an Apache2 config problem, so I posted on their forums as well.
Thank's a bunch for the help. Although my problem persists the information provided was sufficient to send me in the right direction. Great community here. Cheers.
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