Migratiing from legacy openvz host to Proxmox


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May 24, 2019
Hello everyone,

we are using openvz containers for years now, but I'd like to switch to Proxmox for serveral reasons (e.g. cheaper than virtuozzo, webinterface, etc.)

I know that 2.6 kernel VMs are not supported anymore. So I would have to restore an openvz backup and migrate to LXC in one step? Is that possible?
I wouldn't want to install an outdated proxmox just to get openvz support.

Thanks for your help!
Dear oguz,

thank you for the reply.
I guess I didn't ask precisely.

The source host is not running any proxmox. Just plain openvz.

I read the wiki-entry you posted, but here is my question. Can I use pct restore to restore an openvz-backup that hasn't been created by a proxmox-host?

ah.. i see now.
you can try taking backups from your old host and restoring them in proxmox. but there's not guarantee it'll work.
it actually depends on the backup/container. i've seen a case where ploop was being used and it wasn't able to be restored in proxmox (since we didn't support ploop).

one workaround is to just:
* mount your openvz container
* create a tar archive out of it
* restore in proxmox

which should work most of the time.
If the backing store of the openvz is 'ploop' then no. If it's 'simfs' you could try - else - as @oguz said - mount it and create a tar-archive
Ok and what do I do with the tar-archive? Just create a new CT and overwrite the files?
Ok and what do I do with the tar-archive? Just create a new CT and overwrite the files?
You could try that..
create a fresh ct (as close to the one you're trying to restore - e.g. same distribution...)
`pct mount $CTID`
then replace all the content with the ones from the tarball
`pct umount $CTID`

and then try to start it.
If it does not work - check the debug logs as described in the reference documentation:

I hope this helps!


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