LXC Containers, Possible to Link Aggregate 10Gig Interfaces?


Sep 12, 2019
We have a HPE DL380 G9 with six-teen 2.5" storage bays. This is going to be used as a Windows Image Deployment server. Imaging up to around 30 computers at a time. We also have a plethora of 1.92TB HPE branded SSDs. If I can I'd like to aggregate two or potentially four 10Gig NIC ports and run these to a pair of CISCO switches but I'm having some issues with preliminary planning.

First issue I see checking the link speed of a Linux Bridge is that even with a 40Gig NIC (Mellanox CX314A) a LXC Container only recognizes the 40Gig interface as 10Gig?
user@server:~$ cat /sys/class/net/eth1/speed
It is recognized as 40Gig on the host but the NIC itself is not going in the planned server but it worries me to see that if a true 40Gig NIC reports as 10Gig that if I bond two or four 10Gig ports they're not going to report or function any better. Or is it more complicated than that?

An additional concern is reading through the PROXMOX documentation on creating a Linux Bond. I looked at all the various modes balance-rr, active-backup, balance-xor, broadcast, LACP, balance-tlb, & balance-alb. Some of them I understand. Some of them I don't. The desire would be for the two or four ports to behave like a switch so I can retain one network configuration on the Windows Imaging Server but I would also like to potentially plug the cables into different switches or VLAN groups.

Ideally I'd like to have one network with two 10Gig cables going to two switches (4 cables total) providing up to 20Gig to each switch. I don't know if that is possible though with this software or at all.

Worse comes to worst it looks like the mode "broadcast" would make the ports behave like a hub. I'd still only have 10Gig but I could break the two switches into two or four VLAN groups and give each a 10Gig cable. That may be the route I end up going if I have to for at the very least fault-tolerance.


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