LVM Nuked


Jun 4, 2019
I was chosen for the dreaded Volume group "pve" not found error after rebooting one of my Proxmox nodes. I don't have a great deal of experience with LVM so I'm at a loss as to how I might fix this. A boot using system rescue CD shows all logical volumes live beneath a "data" volume group now, which I don't remember having done intentionally.
  • /dev/nvme0n1 is a 1tb nvme drive
  • As far as I remember I'd created a data VG in addition to PVE, which housed the firedata thin volume.
  • Now the data VG sucks up the entire disk (incl. 'root' and 'swap' 'data' (?)) with no mention of PVE
I assume I need to either recreate the PVE VG by first shrinking the data VG or point the system to the new VG parameters. As far as where to start I'm rather potato. Any suggestions?

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it might be enough to rename the volume group from 'data' to 'pve' using `vgrename`, see
Further, it might be necessary to rename the LV from 'firedata' to 'data' using `lvrename`, or to change the storage configuration. See and

So I finally had an opportunity to circle back to address this and renaming VG 'data' to 'pve' did allow the system to boot. Woo!

I'm still having difficulty accessing 2 of the lvm-thin disks, however. I did try to rename the LV from 'firedata' to 'data' but a gray question mark is shown on the volume via the gui. Fortunately they still show up in a volume query--I'm just not sure how to pull them back into gui & machine association. Here's an updated LVS:

Ok, nice to hear! Could you post the current storage configuration `cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg` and `pvesm status`? Also the configuration of one of the VM might be useful to see, e.g. `qm config 210`.


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