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Aug 13, 2023
I've been struggling with a problem recently and I can not find the solution.

I have 4 proxmox servers linked together in one DC.
My idea is to clone all from pve1, pve2 and pve3 to pve4.
Installed have installed the same version on pve4 (7.2-3, this is the version on the other serves).
I created a LVM group, everything correct, no errors, but when I try to clone one of the VMs (no matter from which node) to pve4 where the LVM group is shared and named 'vesko', as it is shown on the photo, 0B are showing and the clone process is not possible.

What I have to do now?


can you please post the output of cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg, lsblk and lvs -a for starters? That would be helpful to troubleshoot this a bit more.

Did you create the LVM group through the web UI?
Yes, the LVM group was created through the web UI.
Here are the photos:


Here are some test VMs I have made for testing.

Weird. Are there any errors/warnings or similar in the syslog (journalctl -b)?

How were the existing VM disks/volumes in the vesko LVM created? Since their names do look a bit weird.
Please also post the output of pvs -a and pvdisplay /dev/sdb, that might be helpful.
You said and show that the storage is marked as "shared", however you didnt indicate that the physical storage behind the "vesco" VG is an actual proper shared storage. Is it?
If this VG is on a local storage, marking it shared is wrong and wont help. To be able to migrate VMs located on local storage you need to create VG with the same name across all nodes as a first step.

You also only show disk status from "pve" node, which is not technically one of the nodes you mentioned originally (pve1,pve2,pve3,pve4).
Run "pvesm status" on each node and provide that output.

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