Login problem inside the containers (Fallback for O_TMPFILE under kernel 3.1.1)

the patch looks ok (although we would like to avoid introducing a new crate), the problem is that we use the `O_TMPFILE` flag multiple times, not only in the shared_memory crate. For example also in the backup_writer and backup_reader, which are essential to using PBS. There could also be many more issues (not only the `O_TMPFILE`), because the oldest officially supported kernel is somewhere around 5.15.
Which kernel version exactly are you using though?
Not that I want it, but there is simply no choice if you are using products of Synology/QNAP/etc.
Specifically in my case the kernel version is 3.10.x. (Synology DS916+, not so old)
But you can also look at the thread on GitHub for understanding, that there is a lot of people with the same problem.

Could you kindly take the changes from that merge and add to them your changes for backup_writer and backup_reader -- like a full fledged feature?
Why should Proxmox change their software to make it run on an OS that uses a kernel version that was released in 2013 and is EOL since 2017?!

Did you already ask the manufacturer to use a recent kernel version?
But realistically, maybe better avoid him/those altogether...
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> Why should Proxmox
They do not have to but may to. The core changes are already done.
In order to make their product applicable on more wide range devices (including low power). @Neobin special for you -- please, visit the GitHub link, there is an interested chard of ready-to-go device (NAS) popularity.

> Did you already ask the manufacturer to use a recent kernel version?
Not only me.

> But realistically, maybe better avoid him/those altogether...
This is as realistic as the fact that you will pay for the purchase of new devices and the moving to them a part of infrastructure

The Synology uses very custom build OS approach, keeping maintenance and security updates to the system. Even 2015 year devices are getting updates, latest on 2023 mid https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DSM?model=DS1515#7_1

And kernel and modules are custom built to system, thus its tied to whole life of the device, even on major version upgrade, e.g. DSM 6 to DSM 7, kernel version stays the same.
@ggoller so as you see, the security isn't a key reason.
I think if there was a checkbox (just as an example), what login mechanism to use, it would be great and as i said before, will make the area of use much wider.


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