Linux VM needs 95% RAM (at least that's how it is presented)


Oct 8, 2023
Hey Guys!

I have a question regarding the Ram display in the Proxmox Dashboard. It always shows me that the whole ram is used.
However, this is usually only 20% and the rest is cache from the Linux system.
I have installed the QEMU agent and still it shows me like this.
Can it be that Proxmox cannot make this distinction between real ram and cache usage even with the install client?
That would be a pity because this graphic is a bit misleading.

Thanks already about the answers :)
This has been discussed plenty of times, please search the forums. Last time was YESTERDAY ...

Linux counts cache as used and PVE is just reporting back, what it reads from the underlying system. Cached stuff inside of a VM is always used for the PVE so it cannot be used otherwise from the host perspective, therefore the amount PVE sees is always different from what the VM sees.
Would be cool if there was a view that you can change.
When I want to monitor my VM's, I don't always want to SSH to the machine to see how much RAM is really being used.
It would be at least visually more pleasant.
You could use an external metric server for this. I don't want to log into all my nodes to do this manually if e.g. grafana can do this much faster and better.


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