LDAP auth - cannot see quaratine of Mailalias

Oct 8, 2021
Hi there!

We are happy users of PVE and PBS and are currently evaluating PMG v8.0.7 for one of our projects. I am currently testing the options users have to access their spam quarantine and have configured LDAP auth for this purpose. While synchronizing and authentication works fine, I'm facing an issue where I am unable to see the spam mails for an account's alias.
Let me give an example to clarify:

- have an account with primary address mail@example.com and an alias alias@example.com coming from the same LDAP directory
- PMG correctly assigns those two addresses to the same account
- send a testmail with Subject "Spammail for mail@example.com" and a GTUBE string to mail@example.com
- send a testmail with Subject "Spammail for alias@example.com" and a GTUBE string to alias@example.com
- PMG correctly flags both mails as spam and moves them to the quaratine
- login to the user specific quarantine at https://pmg:8006/quaratine with either mail@example.com or alias@example.com as the username

This is where I'm facing the issue:

- only the testmail to mail@example.com is displayed in the quaratine, regardless which mail address was used as the username.

The (sanitized) ldap.conf looks like this:
ldap: myLDAP
        server1 auth.example.com
        accountattr uid
        basedn dc=example,dc=com
        binddn uid=pmg,cn=administrative,cn=users,dc=example,dc=com
        bindpw secret
        filter (objectClass=univentionObject)
        groupbasedn dc=example,dc=com
        groupclass ucsschoolGroup
        mailattr mailPrimaryAddress, mailAlternativeAddress
        mode ldaps
        port 7636
        verify 0

On a side note: Is it possible to configure the account name (in my example the user uid) as the username to log in?
Update: I reinstalled the whole cluster to check my documentation of the installation process and did not configure the no-subscription repo, so the PMG hosts are still on version 8.0.3.
With 8.0.3 I can see mails in the quarantine for both the main address and the alias, so the problem might be with later releases.

Again, any response from a staff member would be much appreciated.


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